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Pacific Elevator


PACIFIC ELEVATOR - pursuing the exclusive position in distributing TECNO brand in the Vietnam market.

2007 was a memorable milestone that marked the presence of the Tecno elevator brand in the Vietnam market through its exclusive distributor - PACIFIC ELEVATOR. After nearly two decades of cooperation, the sustainable partnership of the two companies has brought customers in Vietnam and nearby countries high-quality elevators and escalators in conformity with European standards at a competitive and economical price.


Pacific Elevator – Tecno mutually understands each other's advantages

Twenty years ago, when Tecno intended to expand its business in the Southeast Asian market, Pacific Elevator was looking for a partner with solid experience in the elevator industry with whom it can accompany and develop the market. Pacific Elevator approached Tecno because it was one of the leading elevator brands in Italy, with more than 70 years of experience in the industry. Meanwhile, among many other cooperation opportunities, Tecno found that Pacific Elevator Company shares similar values in corporation model and has winning advantages in manufacturing infrastructure, human resources, and reputation that they had built in the Vietnam and Southeast Asia market.

Pacific technical staff is installing the Tecno elevator


At the beginning of the cooperation, the elevator industry in Vietnam was still young compared to many countries in the world. Vietnam's economy in that period had a strong structural

transformation towards industrialization and modernization. Along with the industry development, more and more factories, shopping malls, and buildings were built. With that, the demand for elevators and escalators has not only stopped at installation for apartment buildings and high-rise buildings, but also raised in all architectural work, commercial centers, and factories.

Before embarking on cooperation, Tecno also researched and learned about Pacific Elevator Company. Since its establishment in 1995, Pacific Elevator Company has been a leader in manufacturing, designing, constructing, installing, repairing, and maintaining elevators. Known for its established brand reputation, the company has become the preferred partner for many high-rise buildings in Vietnam as well as in the neighboring markets. This has led to TECNO’s confidence and agreement in choosing PACIFIC Elevator as a long-term cooperating partner.


Pacific brings the Italian Tecno elevators and escalators closer to Vietnamese customers

At the press conference announcing the cooperation between TECNO and PACIFIC Elevator, Mr. Tran Tuan Anh, General Director of Pacific Elevator Company said: "The cooperation with Tecno Group (Italy) helps Pacific Elevator Company officially become the exclusive distributor of Tecno elevator products in Vietnam. This can create a big "push" for the TECNO to compete with other imported elevator brands in terms of price and quality, and contribute to cost savings for the country.


Pacific engineering team is installing Tecno escalator for customer


The 15-year journey of companionship between Tecno Elevator and Pacific Elevator has helped customers in Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries to approach Italian elevator and escalator brand with high-quality products that meet European standards. The TECNO products distributed by the Pacific Elevator Company make customers feel secure by their quality and safety standards with extra benefits from the modern and intelligent design. Today, many well-founded customers in Vietnam have chosen Pacific Elevator as their elevator supplier such as Nguyen Kim, Big C, Hoang Anh Gia Lai Group, Sacombank, and many others.


The almost-two-decade "strategic handshake" between TECNO Elevator - PACIFIC Elevator has facilitated the two companies' growth in enhancing the potential, strength, and prestige of their leading brands, together developing housing projects, high-rise buildings, and smart and modern commercial complexes. This affirms Pacific Elevator's solid position in the domestic market and brings benefits from both quality and price perspectives to Vietnamese and Southeast Asia customers.

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