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Moving Walks - TAW & TAW2

Moving Walks - TAW & TAW2

The TAW moving walkway combines all the advantages of the escalator by adding the advantage of being able to carry the shopping or luggage trolleys. Also in this case the technological quality and sturdiness of the installation are combined to a lightweight design, completed by the colourless tempered glass balustrade (10 mm thick).

The TAW moving walkway is developed in three versions:

  • TAW1: inclined version;
  • TAW2: double curve inclined version;
  • TAW0-6°: flat version. All models are suitable for the combined use of people and trolleys and find their ideal location in shopping centres.

Inclination: Inclination at 10°

The 10° inclination ensures maximum comfort for passengers with or without a trolley and guarantees maximum safety.

Inclination at 12°

The 12° inclination is indicated mainly in case of limited space available. This inclination is available in the TAW1 and TAW2 version

  • Flat The TAW0-6° horizontal moving walkways have a possible and allowed inclination between 0° and 6°. The TAW moving walkway is available in all versions with a treading width (segment) of:
  • 800 mm;
  • 1000 mm.

Download PDF

  • moving-walks-taw-taw2_105.pdf
  • moving-walks-taw-taw2_116.pdf

Images Moving Walks - TAW & TAW2

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